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Message from the Chief Guest

Senior Minister for Finance, P&D, Energy & Irrigation
Government of Sindh, Pakistan

It is very heartening to see that the Management Association of Pakistan (MAP) has yet again so adeptly upheld its mission of instilling excellence on a deeper and wider scale over the course of the year gone by. One can bank on the professional image that has been tailored by this pristine institution and only say good words about the 31 Corporate Excellence Awards that have been organized since 1982.

Today’s times require a modern style of Management which is categorized with a clear strategic intent and paradigmatic shifts toward excellence, innovation and creativity. Necessary to say that as a nation a high rate of growth, especially in an environment such as that of Pakistan where the economy is burgeoning into an avenue for foreign funding, will require appropriate fund “management” and leaders that shepherd it.

I see the Corporate Excellence Awards working to be, “the best of the best” an existence that is its essence.

My felicitations to “Management Association of Pakistan” that believes in self-perpetuation and earnestly works to achieve a challenging outreach each year.

And to the winners, meeting the transparent criteria at play is a task in itself! Many congratulations! The sentiment in the corporate playing field is immensely vibrant and speedy, nurturing management principles as has never been seen before.

Senior Minister for Finance, P&D, Energy & Irrigation
Government of Sindh, Pakistan


Message from the President

masood hashmi

The 31st Corporate Excellence Awards being celebrated this year have a long history of MAP’s endeavours to recognize the best management practices of companies in Pakistan; the road has been steadily uphill. By participating, each company adds value to not only themselves but also to the MAP’s awards’ evaluation process.

Management Association of Pakistan has played a pivotal role in the human capital development since its inception in 1964. MAP’s contribution in respect of promoting the best management practices has been lauded by both public and private sector entities. We at MAP look forward to seeing the cultural diversity and empowerment in the average corporate workplace in this country as can be seen at any international level. Our efforts are to proliferate the teachings of management science that will enable Pakistan to be at par with global benchmarks.

The contribution and constant support of the Executive Committee, the Secretariat and our partner FAMCO Associates (Pvt) Ltd. in completing this arduous but transparent evaluation process is commendable.

My heartfelt congratulations to the winners of the 31st Corporate Excellence Awards; I sincerely hope that these companies will continue to uphold their best practices to keep doing what is important to them and what is important for Pakistan. To the runners-up, your efforts are praiseworthy; we can expect any one of you to be receiving such an award in the near future!


Syed Masood Hashmi
Management Association of Pakistan


Message from

ASIAN Association of Management Organisations


It is with great pleasure that I congratulate the Management Association of Pakistan on the occasion of its 31st Corporate Excellence Awards.
AAMO greatly values MAP’s membership and contribution to the professional development of Asian management. Your Association has achieved much in accordance with its noble purpose of advancing management profession.
From providing opportunities for professionals to engage and discuss important management issues on local, regional and global trends to formal education and training through to providing leadership in management know-how through research and policy services.
Indeed, MAP should be proud of the tremendous popularity and a prestigious position the excellence Awards has gained, where through this success in supporting the corporate sector further development within performance oriented and socially responsible enterprise can flourish in Pakistan. On behalf of AAMO, may I wish the Management Association of Pakistan continued success as a forum for management and leadership development in the future.

Bryan Nye Oam, Faim
Asian Association of Management Organizations (AAMO)

Message from

Malaysian Institute of Management

I am very pleased to send this message on the occasion of the award ceremony for the Corporate Excellence Awards of the Management Association of Pakistan. I wish to congratulate MAP for organizing this important event and it is significant to note that more than three decades of sustained effort has gone into making the Awards a prestigious recognition for best practices.

Corporate excellence at one time was evaluated on the basis of profit. In the corporate world of today, with sustainability concerns, economic downturns, physical calamities and social disruptions and political upheavals, corporate excellence is beyond profits. An all-round competency, a 360 degrees perspective is an important consideration for survival.
From this point of view, the Corporate Excellence Awards, I am sure is a good platform to imbue business leaders and corporate personalities with a vision and strategies for excellence in an ever-changing world and corporate environment.

Datuk Seri Mohamed Iqbal Rawther
Malaysian Institute of Management (MIM) & Vice – President,
Asian Association of Management Organization (AAMO)


Message from

All India Management Association

HM Nerurkar

My Heartiest Congratulations to the Management Association of Pakistan (MAP) on organizing yet another edition of the highly popular Corporate Excellence Awards which are highly respected and coveted by the management fraternity of Pakistan.
MAP has always led from the front to fulfil its mandate of furthering management thought, practice and advocacy within the nation. The respect and admiration this award garners today is testimony to the same. Over the years, through these awards, MAP has successfully been recognising and honouring organisations that have displayed exemplary corporate excellence by their commitment to high professional and ethical standards.
I would like to congratulate all the winners of MAP’s 31st Corporate Excellence Awards. I am confident that all the organisations being recognised will serve as a source of inspiration to others striving to excel within their own spheres.
I would also like to congratulate MAP for organising such a wonderful event and wish them every success in the future.

All India Management Association


Message from

MACAU Management Association

chui sai cheong

My heartiest congratulations to the Management Association of Pakistan (MAP) on holding the 3lS Corporate Excellence Awards!

MAP has been committed to promoting the knowledge and information on the most modern management principles and techniques through various services since 1982, the Corporate Excellence Award being one of the many. This award, as a beacon for excellence in business management in Pakistan, has equipped the managed companies in Pakistan with the latest and best management science.

I warmly congratulate the winners of the 31St Corporate Excellence Awards for their outstanding performance and hope that they will inspire others to work towards improving their management practices.

On behalf of Macau Management Association (MMA), we look forward to the continued relationship with MAP and I take this opportunity to wish the association grow and prosper in the years to come.

Macau Management Association

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