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I wish to commend the Management Association of Pakistan for organizing the Corporate Excellence Awards. I am also very impressed to know that the 27th Award Ceremony will be held on 15th November 2010. I wish the Award Ceremony every success and wish to take this opportunity congratulate the winners.

It is very heartening to know that MAP is in the forefront of management development in Pakistan. The Corporate Excellence Awards is one among the many activities that bring to the fore the management talent and managerial acumen for the benefit of not only the corporate sector but to the nation as a whole.

The world is rapidly changing in many aspects. Included in this change is the way businesses and corporates carry on their tasks, which continuously are becoming more and more challenging. The excellence of yesterday is no longer valid in today’s environment. Certainly, tomorrow is another day; it is going to be different in many ways. Therefore, preparedness for the future, to be more precise, anticipating future is a key factor for managerial excellence. In fact, a true manager is one who has the foresight to see the next phase in corporate strategy for the sustainability of the organization.

I am glad that the MAP is mindful of the Pakistan’s management needs and is strategizing for a more dynamic and effective delivery of management know – how for the benefit of Pakistan. The Malaysian Institute of Management is happy to collaborate and cooperate with the MAP for mutual benefit.

Dato’ Mohamed Iqbal
Malaysian Institute of Management

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