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MAP’s Vision Statement

To Lead the Change Process Towards Best Management Practices.

MAP’s Mission Statement

Management Association of Pakistan is committed to excellence in management through human capital development, creating awareness and recognizing best management practices to enhancing competitiveness.


MAP – When & Why?

MAP is a professional Association, a not-for-profit and a non-political organization. The Association has an elected board of directors, i.e. the Executive Committee, comprising of corporate leaders from Pakistan’s top-notch companies viz. KPMG Taseer Hadi & Co., Institute of Business Management (IoBM), International Industries Ltd, Jubilee Life Insurance Company Limited., SICPA Inks Pakistan, English Biscuit Manufacturers (EBM), Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Ltd., National Clearing Company of Pakistan and NBP Fund.

Since its inception in 1964, MAP has dedicated its efforts in promoting professionalism in management disciplines and best management practices. The primary objective before the Association has always been to stimulate interest in, and disseminate knowledge about modern managerial practices and techniques. The Association has flourished for over 55 years as an apex forum for training and communication of ideas in the field of management in Pakistan. Over last fifty-five years, the Association has organized about 1694 Seminars and Training Courses with over sixty-one thousand participants so far having benefited from such programs.

While some members join the Management Association of Pakistan simply for the intangible benefit of supporting the mission of the organization, others join to benefit from our training programs and networking opportunities. Whichever the case, MAP members are entitled to a wide range of tangible benefits such as:

ConventionsBesides our workshops on array of management topics, each year, we bring together national and international leaders, strategists and management experts on one platform via our flagship event. Each Convention being theme based, our 19th MAP Convention was held on 17th-19th October 2017 which was rolled out on the theme: “Rising with Millennials – Creating Sustainable Businesses”, our 20th MAP Convention was held on 3rd October 2018 on the theme: “Reinventing Management in the Age of Technology”. On 28th August 2019, our 21st MAP Convention was held on the theme: “Challenging Times, Winning Strategies”, with Keynote Speaker, M. Shabbar Zaidi, Chairman, Federal Board of Revenue.

  1. Corporate Excellence Awards: Since 1982, MAP holds pride in recognizing and rewarding the best-managed companies in Pakistan by instituting the Corporate Excellence Awards. Institutional members and others vie with each other to win the top trophy in Industrial and Financial categories. We held our 35th Corporate Excellence Awards on March 9th, 2020, the top Industrial Category Amir S. Chinoy Award winner was Engro Fertilizers Limited, while the Financial Category Award winner was Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan Ltd.
  1. Benefits through AAMO membership: Our strategic alliance with Asian Association of Management Organizations (AAMO) provides our members with the opportunity to participate in the ‘Asian Management Games’; winning team avails a complimentary field study trip to Macau and Hong Kong. Additionally, two young MAP members are chosen to participate in the ‘Young Managers Program’ held in Macau each year. Another value addition by MAP is a 5 days training program, the Tun Razak Youth Leadership Award (TRYLA), organized in collaboration with AAMO and Malaysian Institute of Management (MIM) in Lumut, Perak, Malaysia. Apart from this, AAMO’s quarterly newsletter’s soft copy is emailed by MAP to all our members which addresses contemporary management thoughts and practices.
  1. International Individual Membership: Another value addition for our Individual members is to subscribe for Individual membership of any of the Asian Association member organizations, e.g. Australia, Macau and others, to benefit from their programs.


MAP has more than 250 Institutional members and 495 Individual members. Presently, MAP has the following classes of membership:

A)    Honorary Members – who shall be individuals who rendered outstanding service in the field of management and who shall
have been invited by the Committee to join the Association as Honorary Member.

B)   Institutional Members – any firm, corporation, a government enterprise, educational institute, Chamber of Commerce and Industry
or other like institution interested in the development of management shall be eligible for Institutional Membership.

Institutional Members are divided into three groups:

1)    Type A – will comprise of organizations/institutions having less than 100 employees.

2)    Type B– will comprise of organizations/institutions having more than 100 but less than 500 employees.

3)    Type C – will comprise of organizations/institutions having more than 500 employees.

C)    Individual Members – persons having an interest and association within the field of management, who wish to become individual
members, without any affiliations with the organization they are attached to professionally, on an individual basis.

D)    Student Members – any person, between the age of 20 and 35 years, enrolled as a student of an institution teaching management
subjects or of a management association for its professional examination.


MAP’s Collaboration with Asian Association of Management Organizations (AAMO)

MAP continues its strategic alliance with Asian Association of Management Organizations (AAMO), a regional body of national management organizations of Asian countries of which MAP is a full member. This year’s AAMO Council meeting was held on 28th April 2019, Executive Director Mr. Salah Uddin represented MAP. The meeting discussed possibilities of adding more non-profit national management organizations from the Asian region in AAMO and  enhancement  of AAMO activities further.

Online Asian Management Games

8 teams, 5 members in each, competed against each other internationally on an online platform for a free field trip to Macau and Shenzen / Hong Kong, with opportunities for regional networking with young managers from various industries.

The Asian Management Game (AMG) is organized by Asian Association of Management Organizations (AAMO) annually with an aim to connect its member management organizations. This two decade old competition has successfully played a vital role in the careers of those participated, to foster learning and self-development. This year, MAP publicized the program through emails to all MAP members, and conducted the evaluation of nominations. A 4 member Team from Meezan Bank comprising of Mr. Omer Saeed, Mr. Razi Haider, Ms. Pareesa Zahid and Mr. Furqan Iqbal represented MAP and ranked third in the contest.

Young Manager’s Program

Each year, Asian Association of Management Organizations (AAMO) holds the Young Managers Program (YMP) in collaboration with Macau Management Association (MMA) in which young professionals are given a platform to enhance their leadership skills, develop strategic thinking and share success stories. Participants are  exposed to a different experience of learning, networking and self-development. This year, the program was scheduled for November 18 to 22, 2019. In repsonse to our circulation of the program to MAP members, our Institutional Member Attock Cement nominee Ms. Sadaf Gul Shaikh was selected to participate in the program held in Shenzen / Macau.

Training programs

The Association organizes lectures, seminars, workshops and panel discussions etc. independently as well as in collaboration with various Universities / Organizations. The programs are mostly of short duration in view of the preoccupation of senior-level Executives. MAP on the average holds two seminars/workshops each month with the aim of educating the membership on best management practices.

AAMO: MAP is a full member of Asian Association of Management Organizations (AAMO) with the objective of not only interacting with other like-minded international bodies, but also with a view to facilitating our membership with a learning experience for enhancing their management skills and knowledge at an international level. Under the auspices of AAMO, each year MAP sends two MAP members for the study tour of South East Asia region under their program: “Leadership Journey for Young Managers.”

AIMA: MAP has concluded an MOU with All India Management Association (AIMA) so that the two bodies could benefit from each other’s experience and knowledge in the field of management. This will provide an opportunity to MAP and AIMA to explore greater collaborative management related activities for their members.

AIM: MAP has been appointed as a country representative in Pakistan by Asian Institute of Management, Philippines for conducting admission tests and facilitating admissions for AIM.

LOCAL PARTNERSHIPS: IoBM- Institute of Business Management and ICC- International Chamber of Commerce.

MAP Group at ‘’Linked In’’

A MAP Group on ‘’Linked In’’ has been introduced for members only with a view to providing a platform for our members to contribute and participate in matters of management interest.  Members are regularly sharing and contributing articles and have also started discussions on the Group site.

MAP Web Site

MAP’s website: www.mappak.org is regularly updated with our upcoming programs as well as photographs of events held from time to time. A members area viz. “My MAP” is being created for MAP members for sharing articles and other useful information.


  1. Serve as a forum for interaction for individuals and organizations concerned with and interested in various disciplines of Management.
  2. Acquire, collect, collate and disseminate information on management practices by conducting training sessions, workshops, and holding seminars and conferences on good management practices.
  3. Exchange information with other bodies, nationally and internationally and collaborate with them.
  4. Encourage business concerns to join the association and individuals to qualify for individual and other forms of membership.
  5. Lay down standards of knowledge, training and experience in the practice of management appropriate to various grades of membership of the association.

Contact Information

Management Association of Pakistan

Management Association of Pakistan (Main Office)
Address: 3rd Floor, “K-House”, Plot No. 1-C, Khayaban-e-Shahbaz, Lane-4, 26th Street, Phase- VI, DHA, Karachi – Pakistan 75500.
Phone: +92-21-35172431-33-34
Accounts Department: 021-37238626
E-mail: info@mappak.org | programs@mappak.org | accountant@mappak.org

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MAP is aware of the important role that social media plays for any organization. Keeping up with the trend, MAP has an active Lindked In, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube & Website presence which allows us to connect with our members, keep them updated on MAP’s activities and the current trends in the field of Management. If you have not already done so, please LIKE our pages and join us:

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