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Management Association of Pakistan’s

27th Corporate Excellence Awards

15 November 2010

My heartiest congratulations to The Management Association of Pakistan (MAP) on staging yet another successful Corporate Excellence Awards.

Since the inception of the MAP in 1964, the Association has been assiduously promoting the best management practices in Pakistan.

In instituting the Corporate Excellence Awards in 1982, the MAP has forged and raised the standards of management for 27 years. This is no mean feat. This quality award has succeeded in encouraging companies in Pakistan to take a long-term and international approach in running their businesses, and to focus on critical areas, especially in human resources, which will impact the productivity and sustainability of any company.

The Corporate Excellence Awards are prized in Pakistan as winning gives companies that ‘seal of approval’ on their knowledge management, financial performance, R&D, innovations, strategies, and market presence. They are about giving recognition to deserving companies that overcame all manner of challenges to succeed in their domains, and providing them that extra ‘wing’ to fly even higher.

The Singapore Institute of Management is happy to share this momentous occasion with the MAP as you honour the winners of the Corporate Excellence Awards. I am confident that the MAP will continue to make great strides in management excellence and be a driving force in promoting Pakistan’s economic sustainability.

Executive Director
Singapore Institute of Management

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