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Field Visit to: Pakistan Security Printing Corporation (PSPC)
Date: 25th January 2012
Visit Facilitator:  PSPC Management Team

Workshop on: Blue Ocean Strategy (MAP & IOBM – Jointly Present)
Date: Tuesday, 31st January 2012
Program Facilitator: Mr. Javaid Ahmed


Seminar in Lahore on: the State of PakistanEconomy
Date: Thursday 1st March 2012
Program Facilitator: Mr. Yaseen Anwar, Mr. Sartaj Aziz, Dr. Salman Shah, Mr. Salman Siddique


Seminar on:  Seminar on Islamic Banking
Date: Thursday 8th March 2012
Speakers: Mr. M. Saleem Ullah, Mr. Irfan Siddiqui, Mr. Hasan Aziz Bilgrami, Mr. Pervaiz Ahmed,

Workshop on: UPLIFTING SERVICE – RON KAUFMAN (MAP & IOBM – Jointly Present)
Date: Saturday 21st April, 2012

Workshop on: When Good Companies Go Bad How Great Leadership Re-Makes Them
Date: Wednesday 23rd May 2012
Program Facilitator: Mr. Sohail W. Siddiqui, Mr. Zafar A. Osmani, Mr. Zahid Hussain, Mr. Furqan Qureshi.

Workshop on: The Leader Integrator
Date Thursday, 21st June 2012
Program Facilitator: Prof. Usman Ghani

Conference on: Management Innovation (MAP & Terrabiz – Jointly Present)
Date Thursday, 3th July 2012
By: Fredrik H

Workshop on: Managing Time & Stress
Date: Thursday, 12th July, 2012
program Facilitator: Mr. Zari Khan

Conference on: Executive Secretaries Office Managers and Administrative Assistants (MAP & Terrabiz – Jointly Present)
Date: Saturday, 14th July 2012

Workshop on: Corporate Governance Leadership Skill (CGLS) (Part One) (MAP & IOBM – Jointly Present)

Date: 19th July 2012
Program Facilitator: Mr. Javaid Ahmad, Mr. Moiz Ahmed, Mr. Shafqat Shah


Conference on: Pakistan India Management Summit
Leadership for New Economic Realities (MAP & Nutshell Forum Jointly Present)
Date: September 20 & 21, 2012


Workshop on: Managers Discover Your Strengths
Date: 27th September 2012
Speakers: Mr. Javed Jabbar, Mr. Leon Menezes, Mr. Furqan H. Qureshi
Program Facilitator: Mr. Navaid M. Khan & Ms. Saadia Umar

Leadership Challenges to Young Managers — AAMO Young Managers Program 2012 in Macau
Date: 23rd to 28th October 2012

Workshop on: Delegating for Results  –  Effective Delegation Skills
Date: Wednesday 7th November 2012
Program Facilitator: Mr. Zeeshan Lakhpaty  Corporate Trainer/ International Speaker

Workshop on: Achieving Peak Perfornamce – a one-day exhilarating experience
Date: Tuesday, 27th November 2012
Program Facilitator: Ms. Shireen Naqvi, Senior Associate, Navitus

International Management Convention: 13th MAP Convention 2012
Date: Thursday, 18th December, 2012
Speakers: Mr. Shahid Javed Burki ,Dr. Marie Lall, Ms. Sima Kamil, Mr. Mike Sherman, Dr. Athar Osama, Mr. Saad Amanullah Khan, Mr. Muhammad Younas, Mr. Furqan Habib Qureshi, Mr. Shehzad Naqvi, Mr. Asif Jooma, Magnus Lindkvist, Ms. Eithne Treanor



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